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  One Fan $85 up    Two Fans $150 up    Three Fans $185 up

Ceiling Fans don't actually lower the temperature in a room, but what they do is make you feel cooler. When you first walk inside a business and feel that it is really cold inside, but after staying inside for a while, you feel hot.

It's actually still cold inside. Your body has adjusted to the temperature, but the reason you feel hot is because of the static air. Your body does not feel air flow.

 With a ceiling fan to move the air, your body feels cooler, and you will want to lower the thermostat, and by doing so, typically you  will save money on electricity.

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We have installed practically every type of fan availiable, from the orginal old heavy casablanca and hunter ceiling fans to the modern expensive.

We install fans, hang heavy chandeliers, pendant fixtures and other fixtures.